A New Year!

Prior-Logo-Final“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things”   Joseph Pilates

I hope you have all had an enjoyable and peaceful christmas spent with your loved ones, and are looking forward to a brand-new year with fresh motivation. For some, this might mean making some radical lifestyle changes and for others it might be a case of some subtle adjustments of priorities. I always feel that a new year bring time for reflection and the freedom to press the re-set button. But do we really need to wait for New Year to do this? The truth is of course we don’t, but New Year can feel like a fresh start and give us the self-efficacy to achieve those great things such as feeling strong, fit and healthy.  Jospeh Pilates was right about many things and his thinking was way ahead of his time. Every moment can be the beginning of great things- and maybe starting Pilates in 2019 can be one of those moments for you?

Classes at Meir Heath Village Hall are starting back Monday 7th January, and the set-up of the new studio in Stone is underway!

Anne-Marie xx



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