Is Pilates the only exercise I need?

A complete exercise routine should include work on Strength, Flexibility and Cardio.  Pilates will provide strength and flexibility and is ideally combined with some cardiovascular work to achieve a well  balanced body. The intensity and type of your cardio work-out will depend on your level of fitness and your specific goals.It could be 3-5 brisk walks a week (fast enough to get you slightly out of breath), swimming, running or maybe you have a favourite cardio-class you like to attend. What you may find if you add Pilates to your exercise routine is that your ability to do those cardio activities improve as your body becomes more efficient and your muscles stronger. We can also tailor your Pilates work to work on specific weaknesses or restrictions that interfere with your other activities. Whether you build your exercise routine around Pilates or add it to an already existing routine, you will feel the benefits in many ways. My aim is to help you create the body YOU want, and I am always more than happy for you to get in touch for an informal chat. 

Anne-Marie xx


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