What kind of sessions will be offered at the Stone studio?

Private sessions: During a private session the studio is all yours, and you will have my full attention and support while you are here. This is perfect if you prefer to work out in privacy and without any distractions, or if you need extra physical assistance during your Pilates session.

This is also the ideal place to start before joining Trios (see below), even if you have just one or two private sessions to get familiar with the equipment and your programme.

Trios. This is a great way of getting your own personalised Pilates studio work-out in a more affordable way, and is how studio sessions are traditionally run. Although you will be doing your own personal exercise programme this is not a private session, as there may be up to 3 clients in the studio at the same time. Working out alongside other clients, can add a nice social element to your session. You can book onto trio sessions once you have had your initial assessment, although I would recommend having a couple of private sessions first to get you going and a little more independent with your programme.

Duets are available if you and a friend would like to book for a buddy-up session.

Small mat-groups with max. 4 people. In these classes we will work the whole body on the mat, and will also be using small equipment such as over balls, weighted balls, Pilates circles, resistance-bands, ankle and hand-weights, foam rollers, blocks and straps. Mats and all equipment is provided.

The duration of all sessions are 60 minutes.

If you have any questions or would like to receive updates on the opening of the studio, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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