Is your exercise routine a bit stop-and-start?

We often start a new exercise routine full of motivation and push ourselves to get quick results, sometimes even pushing a little harder than the body is ready for. This can work great for a while until we get a niggly pain, sore joint or maybe life just suddenly gets in the way. Then you stop because it just feels too much like hard work to find the energy, or the pain might prevent you from continuing your usual exercise routine and so you stop exercising all together….and start to feel sluggish…..lose motivation to continue your healthy habits….feel even more sluggish…….until you find your “mojo” again, and start the cycle all over again. Does this scenario sound familiar? You are not alone, this goes on for a lot of people with busy lives, and it can feel exhausting to get going again.
Sometimes we do need to slow down or modify the exercise we do, due to an injury or maybe just because we don’t feel so great for whatever reason. But very very rarely do we need to stop altogether. One of my sayings when it comes to exercise is:                      “We can always do SOMETHING”
When you exercise with me in the studio, I will always try to meet your body where it is at, on that particular day. In general, I will work you to your full capacity and challenge you to the point where you might do a bit of cursing under your breath, knowing that you will feel great afterwards (you’re welcome !) But, we can work around an injury, we can work towards managing an injury or if you are not feeling your best we can do some gentle work, breathing, stretching and feel-good exercises to help restore not only your body but also your mind. This does NOT mean that Pilates has to be gentle. Pilates will challenge your body endlessly and with regular practise you will soon see and feel results. It just means that you can stay consistent, because you don’t need to stop but can continue with Pilates at whatever intensity is right at the time, to keep you feeling good.
And I know, that you know, consistency is key 🙂
The studio is a place where I will always be happy to see you however you are feeling, and will provide a calm and cosy space created for you. If you have any questions, just get in touch by clicking on the contact tab. Alternatively, you can sign up for my mailing list and you will automatically receive news from the studio, including updates on the opening and an invite to an open day where you can come and have a look and a chat.

Anne-Marie xx


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