The Reformer❤️


0BCD44B2-27A6-462A-AC56-A981955684F2.jpegIf you have not been to a Pilates studio before, the equipment can look a bit….Ermmmm…..interesting? and intimidating!

But like anything, once you have been on it and understand how it works it will take the mystery away, and you will soon feel just how this equipment takes your Pilates workout to a deeper level.

Firstly; The Reformer. I am probably not supposed to say this, but it’s my favourite!

In essence, it is a small “bed” gliding on a frame against spring resistance. But that description doesn’t do it justice at all. This apparatus will challenge your co-ordination, strength, flexibility and control. It will work your upper body and lower body. We can make it assist you, or resist you. You can work on the Reformer at beginners level or advanced level. There is not much we can’t do on this genious piece of equipment!

You will start with some basic exercises with your spine fully supported, and gradually we will work through the Pilates repetoire to make it more challenging at a pace that suits you. So no need to worry that you will be turned upside down in the first session😀

I am here demonstrating some beginners-to-intermediate exercises, so you get a sense of the many different ways in which the Reformer can work.

Come and feel the work on your own body, I guarantee that with a bit of commitment it will change your body.



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