What do I wear?

Having spent many years in leotards (it was the 90’s!) and leggings, I have learned some do’s and don’t’s when it comes to dressing for exercise and in particular Pilates. You really don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive branded gear unless that is your thing, but if like me you spend most of your life in leggings, it may be worth considering a few points. And I am going to share my top tips with you here:
1. Underwear…… Ladies; a good sports bra will keep you comfortable and supported, but make sure there are no buckles at the back as these may dig in when lying on your back. Ouch.
Gentlemen; shorts with a fitted lining is a must, both for your comfort but also to prevent any “bits” showing when you do feet-in-straps. Just saying 🙂
2. Wear layers on your top-half. You may feel chilly at the start of the session but will soon get warm.
3. Avoid anything with buckles and zips (even the little zippers on the back of your running leggings), as these can dig into you (ouch again) and also damage the upholstery on the equipment.
4. Fitted clothes make it easier for your Pilates teacher to see what your body is doing, and therefore easier to correct and ensure good technique. It can be difficult to see if a knee is fully extended in baggy tracksuit bottoms, and difficult to know if your abdominals are having a little siesta underneath a baggy T-shirt.
5. If you are going to invest, then my advice is to splurge on leggings. Spending your whole class either pulling your leggings up or down is just plain annoying…we have all done it! Look for good quality fabric with a good fit and plenty of elasticity.
6. When it comes to fabric it is down to preference. If going for synthetic fibres, look for “sweat-wicking” as some man-made clothing can make it impossible to sweat and make you feel like you are wearing a plastic-bag. Natural fibres such as cotton are very comfortable, but if you sweat a lot it can get a bit clammy and may make you feel chilly. No right or wrong, just things to consider.
7. Lastly; if you have invested in your work-out clothes, you will want them to last. Never use fabric softener as it ruins the lycra, and your clothes will last much longer if you air-dry them rather than putting them in the tumbler.
You are welcome !


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