“You’re so vain. You probably think this blog is about you”

“You’re so vain” is one of my favourite songs, written by Carly Simon, made even better when Kate Hudson sang it to Matthew McConaghey in the film “How to lose a guy in 10 days”. If you haven’t seen that film, you really should.
Anyway, I hope this blog is a little bit about you because then you will relate. I am going to talk about vanity and how this was the main reason I got into Pilates. (Yes, I am vain, and this blog is really about me)
When I grew up, my parents certainly didn’t encourage me to be vain, and no value was really put on things that made you look good. And I actually think this is quite common, and that many of us have grown up thinking that our vain insecurities are not valid enough to talk about. ‘It seems a bit shallow’. ‘I don’t want to sound vain’. ‘We should focus on more important things’. ‘It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel’.
Well, where is the line between looking good and feeling good?
Let me tell you that one of my main drivers for doing Pilates is pure vanity. I just feel better, knowing that my muscles are toned, and that my bottom is not dragging along the floor. Or maybe I just stand taller and look better in my own mind, because I feel connected and confident in my body. Who knows? It’s the chicken and egg conundrum. And anyway, it doesn’t matter. The bottom-line (pardon the pun) is that Pilates makes me a better person. I am better, inside and out, when I do Pilates.
Let me tell you a story; A few years ago, one of my best friends said to me after a few drinks;

I hate my bum. Even if someone came up to me and gave me the worst news possible, it wouldn’t override the voice in my head saying that my bum is looking big. I am always self-concious about it

My first thought was; “Wow! Imagine if 1000’s of women feel like this! How much good energy is being wasted on thoughts like this?”
And my second thought was of course: “You need to do Pilates!”
So, while Pilates is about health, well-being, flexibility, mobility and good posture, it is also really about making you a better person. Whatever that means for you.
And here is the good thing; if you really commit to Pilates, it doesn’t matter what your main motivation is, because you will get all the benefits anyway.
It is an all-inclusive package.
And while my motivation for doing Pilates has varied from time to time depending on what my body has been going through (pregnancy, carrying children, stress-related pain, menopause), the main driver has always been vanity.
Celebrate your vanity in a healthy way, and don’t be embarrassed to say that all you want from Pilates is a tighter butt or less bingo wings. It’s okay and I hear you!
Anyway, in case you want a listen to the original song by Carly Simon, it’s here https://youtu.be/mQZmCJUSC6g
Have a listen and turn it up.I dare you to not enjoy it!

Anne-Marie xx

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