Can’t find the motivation to exercise?

Do you talk yourself out of exercising

Struggling to stay motivated?
If you are struggling to keep consistent with your exercise routine, you should know that you are so not alone. Lots of people find it easy to get started, and then……life happens and exercise no longer seems like a priority. So you tell yourself:
“it’s only today I will miss my session and tomorrow I will be back on it”
“I am too tired today. I will start again on Monday”
“I have had a busy week at work, and I just don’t have the motivation today”
Or it’s too sunny, too cold, too windy, too early or too late. We are all so good at telling ourselves these stories, because we are programmed to avoid discomfort. It’s completely human and this is why I don’t believe in relying on motivation to stay consistent. Motivation is a very flaky friend! You just never know if they are going to show up.
I believe that the 2 things that will ultimately keep you going are:
1. Accountability
2. Investment.
Accountability can mean that you have an exercise buddy who will hold you to your exercise commitments and expect you to show up to your session. I am that exercise buddy for you. I always look forward to see you! I have a session planned and you know that the Reformer is there waiting just for you  So I know that you are going to think twice about cancelling, and that is all part of the service I offer. I am literally your cheer leader because I know that you will feel better afterwards.
You know the saying: “You will never regret a workout”, and it’s so true isn’t it? But how many times have you felt a bit annoyed with yourself because you skipped one?
So Accountability is a much better friend than Motivation.
By investing our time and money into something, we are also creating accountability to our self. Because when we don’t want to lose that investment, we feel compelled to show up even when we don’t feel like it. And showing up consistently is what will make you achieve your goals.
I care that you show up, and I care that you get the return on your investment.
So Investment is Accountability’s best buddy. And they will make you show up even when Motivation doesn’t.
So, next time you hear yourself saying that you lack motivation to do something that you really deep down want to do, have a think about how you can create accountability and investment around it.
I hope you found this helpful in realising that feeling really fired up and motivated to do something is great, but it is not reliable to keep you going on tough days. Because we are all human.
Anne-Marie xx


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