The benefits of private Pilates sessions

What are the benefits of Private Pilates sessions
In a nut-shell, a private Pilates session is all about you!
Even before you walk through the door (or log-in to your Zoom session), I am thinking about you.
I will look at the notes from your previous session, and take note of what we need to work on and if there are any exercises that we need to do in a different way and if there are any areas that we can progress. I will consider if we need to use different equipment or props to challenge you, to assist you or just to make the session more fun and varied.
Your particular goals and medical history create the framework for each session, to make sure we work on the things that are important to you in a way that is safe and comfortable.
I love to take a minute at the beginning of the session to ask how you are, what kind of a week you have had and see if anything has changed.
Maybe you have done more desk work and your neck and shoulders are tense. Maybe you have had a difficult week and we need to keep things slow and calming. Maybe you are feeling super energetic and up for a challenge.
The beauty of a private session is that I can tailor the session completely according to what you need on that particular day, while still working towards your overall goals. And because there is only you and me in the session, we can also address any issues that come up in the moment. Because the other thing about private sessions is that we get to know each other pretty well, and you can feel comfortable telling me if something doesn’t feel right while I also get to know your way of moving and your facial expressions. Yes! I notice those, and they are important.
I get to know your “ I-am-concentrating” face.
I get to know your “ I-don’t-like-this exercise” or “this-is-uncomfortable” face.
I also always recognise your “this-is-my-favourite-exercise” face. 
While classes can be a great place for social interaction, a private session is perfect if you want some time out to focus just on you. If you are with people all day it can be very refreshing to step out of the busy-ness of life, and just focus on you and what your body can do in a calm and encouraging environment.
In my previous blog post, I also talked about the importance of accountability when it comes to staying consistent with your exercise routine. When you have a private session booked, you know that I am looking forward to see you and that it matters to me that you show up. And that helps you keep the promises you have made to yourself, even on the days when you don’t feel like it. (Except of course if you are feeling unwell or there is another important reason for you not being able to attend).
Particularly when working on the equipment and learning new exercises, there is the safety aspect of having me there to support you, set the equipment up and assist you while you practise. This means that we can progress you a bit quicker than if you are in a group, because I am there just for you and can keep you safe on more challenging exercises.
Have you ever been to the gym and had to wait for a particular piece of equipment to become available because someone else is using it (or more frustratingly NOT using it, but sitting on it while using their phone)? Well, that will never happen during a private session, because the whole studio is yours, and each piece of equipment is free for us to use at any time during your session.
I love teaching private sessions, because there is no compromise. We can literally tailor each session around your body, your needs, and your goals. And you know that you are doing each exercise to the best of your ability because I am able to give you complete personal attention and help you get the most from your Pilates session.
The benefit of doing private Pilates sessions will last you a life-time as you will really get to understand and feel the fundamental concepts of Pilates in your body, and be able to apply it to almost anything you do in life.
I truly believe that Pilates makes your life better, and learning with private sessions is the best place to start.
Anne-Marie -xx

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