What are you waiting for?

When is the right time to start a regular exercise routine?

Are you waiting for life to get calmer?

Are you waiting for motivation to kick in?

Are you waiting till the kids are older and you will have more time?

Are you waiting for Godot?

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I was driving past the theatre in our town and there was a poster advertising the play called “Waiting for Godot”. I asked my mum who Godot was and what the play was about, and I honestly can’t even remember her answer but something from it stuck with me.

It was about waiting.

Not knowing why you are waiting.

Not knowing if it will ever arrive.

The play is about two men waiting for a guy named Godot. They have no idea who he is or why they are waiting for him. Godot never arrives. The End.

Nothing much happens while they are waiting.

Have a read of this conversation between the two men in the play, Estragon and Vladimir:

Estragon: Let’s go!

Vladimir: We can’t.

Estragon: Why not?

Vladimir: We’re waiting for Godot.

Estragon: Ah!

Bearing in mind that they don’t know who Godot is or why they are waiting for him, this is absurd isn’t it?

And yet, this is a conversation that many of us have with ourselves many times a day. Wanting to do something, but telling ourselves we can’t. Because we are not ready, not smart enough, not good enough, not slim enough, waiting for life to get easier…..So we wait. For what exactly?

If you want to get fitter and healthier but you are holding off making a commitment to actually do it because you are telling yourself that now is not the right time, have a little think about why.

Why not now?

What are you waiting for?

It is so easy for time to just slip by while we are waiting. One day. One week. One year.

Imagine yourself in 5 years’ time. What will your life look like if you spend the next 5 years waiting? What will it look like if you took action now and made a commitment to start exercising regularly?

It could be two very different stories, and the great thing is that you get to choose.

So, close your eyes and spend 5 minutes just pondering these questions:

What are you really waiting for?

Is there any action you can take now, however small?

Could you commit to just one hour of exercise a week? 10 minutes a day?

How much of a difference could that make to the story of your life?

Anne-Marie xx

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