How do I get started?

All new clients are invited to a 60 minute initial physiotherapy assesment, and a minimum of a further 5 private sessions are required before joining Duets or Trio sessions. This is so that you can get familiar with the equipment and feel confident with your exercises. You can book your Initial Assessment as a stand-alone session, or take the plunge and book a Starter Pack which includes your assessment + 3 private studio sessions. You can book those here or if you prefer to have a chat first, just get in touch here.

Initial Assessment: I will ask you some questions about your medical history and we can discuss any particular health problems you might have. I will have a look at your general posture and further assess any joints or areas of concern. It is helpful if you bring in a list of any medication that you are prescribed. We will then get started with some exercises to see how you move andĀ  introduce you to Pilates and the equipment. Even if you have done Pilates previously, you will need an introductory assessment as it enables me to tailor an exercise programme specifically for you, and it can be helpful for you to re-visit the basic principles of the technique.

Private sessions: During a private session the studio is all yours, and you will have my full attention and support while you are here. This is the ultimate way to exercise if you really want to give yourself the best, and want to achieve your specific goals faster with every session tailor-made to you. Also perfect if you prefer to work out in privacy and without any distractions, or if you need extra physical assistance during your Pilates session.

Duets. This is a lovely way to exercise with a friend and still get plenty of personal attention while you are each doing your own personal work out.These sessions require you to be largely injury free and able to work out with a level of independence. Think of these sessions as a Mini Pilates Gym.

A minimum of 5 private sessions are required before booking a Duet.

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation sessions are booked as private studio sessions. During your initial assessment, we will discuss and plan how to proceed in order for you to reach your goal.

The duration of all sessions are 60 minutes.
If you have any questions, you will find all my contact detailsĀ  here