Covid Protocol

I kindly ask that you have a read of the points below before attending for your in-studio session, to help you feel comfortable with the unavoidable changes and to keep yourself and other clients safe.

Arrival and departure

  • Please arrive no more than five minutes prior to your session and leave as soon as possible after your session has ended. If you arrive early for your session, please wait in your car or have a wander down the high street. The door is likely to be locked and you should knock when you arrive in order that you can be admitted to the studio.
  • It is not possible to get changed at the studio, so please arrive in your workout clothes. If, for example, you wear shorts then you may wear a pair of trousers over the top and remove these when you arrive.
  • As soon as you enter the studio, please remove outdoor shoes and leave them on the mats provided.
  • Alcohol gel is available, please apply on entering the studio.
  • All clients will be required to wash their hands before commencing their Pilates session, and I will of course do the same.
  • Please leave as soon as possible after your session has ended. This is to ensure that the space is clear for the next client to enter, and to allow time for thorough cleaning.
  • Please arrive alone.
  • Please bring as few belongings as possible with you when you attend.

During your session

  • For hygiene and safety reasons non-slip socks (grip socks) must be worn in the studio for your safety. If you do not already have a clean pair of grip socks, you will be able to purchase these at our studio.  Please note that socks without grip under the sole are not deemed safe and can therefore not be worn for your session. You will not be able to do your session if you do not have a clean pair of grip socks and do not (or cannot) purchase a pair of the same from the studio before the session begins.
  • A mask will need to be worn during your session. You are encouraged to bring your own, or a disposable mask can be purchased at a cost of £1.
  • The window will be open during sessions and the back door will be opened between sessions to circulate fresh air. Therefore the studio may feel a little chilly on some days, so wear an extra layer that you can remove as you get warm.
  • Towels will not be provided, nor will you be able to bring in your own.
  • I will be wearing a visor while teaching.
  • Both you and I will use the hand gel frequently during your session, particularly when moving from one piece of equipment to another.
  • Social distancing will be adhered to by me while you are exercising, and hands-on corrections kept to a minimum. However, I will ensure that you are safe on the equipment, and plan sessions accordingly.
  • Clean cotton gloves are available to use if needed.


  • 24 hour cancellation fee applies to both studio sessions and Zoom sessions.
  • However, if you feel unwell with Covid related symptoms I ask that you do not attend, and in those circumstances you will not be charged. You will not be able to attend the studio for 2 weeks after, or until you are symptom free.
  • If you are having to self-isolate due to a member of your house hold being unwell, your session can be taken via Zoom.
  • If you have been adviced to shield or self-isolate, it is your responsibility to adhere to this advice.

General points

  • All equipment will be cleaned between each session, first with a detergent solution, then disinfectant.
  • Straps, pillows and handles now have a wipeable vinyl covering.
  • You can purchase and book your sessions online or pay by card. Cash payments will no longer be taken.
  • As a small studio community, we all need to be patient with eachother as it will take some time to find the flow in this new way of doing things.

Thank you for your continued patience and loyalty.

Anne-Marie -xx